Orchestra Baobab | Ndongo Daara

beautiful as it is

from the album

La Belle Epoque Vol. 2: 1973-1976

Released: Jan 01, 2011
℗ 2011 Syllart Productions

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  1. laura frank says:

    love your site

  2. martina jones says:

    thanks for today’s newsletter!!!!
    beautiful song!!!

  3. marlen grace says:

    this one is one of my favorites!!!!
    thank you

  4. christina hulietta says:

    orchestra’s gr8 song!!!

  5. oliver sholl says:

    nice song..really like it!!!

  6. gabriela hanson says:

    beautiful songs guys…a big thanks!!!

  7. basil sourge says:

    thanks for the playlist

  8. alex crowl says:

    you have beautiful songs posted!!!thank you

  9. karmen froyd says:

    thanks for this one!!!

  10. martina lonson says:

    thanks Team……superb song

  11. alicia dromandish says:

    thanks for the songs!!!
    keep up

  12. marc kolin says:

    nice song…never heard of it before….

  13. helen verso says:

    thanks great song

  14. jennifer krane says:

    this is so good!!!!thanks again!!!

  15. shara torne says:

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