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Jason RebelloWhen Jason Rebello answered positively to the email I have sent him as to how he thought interviewing himself – asking him a couple of things I had in mind, my joy was so big that I begun whistling a few songs on the way back home. Getting into my car and touching my iPod I distinctly remembered Sting’s song “never coming home” – Album Sacred Love.

The song was already playing and I was driving home happy though anxious trying to figure out what to ask Jason since my list was getting longer and longer. Jason’s Piano Solo had just begun.
I turned the engine off but not iPod. I closed my eyes, felt that tingle, hearing magical notes as a child.

Playing drums, guitar and singing for years as a young student in the school days, I have realized that what music has offered me over the years, the things I have loved with passion and persistence were all part of talented and great musicians without whom music will never have existed.

The way they think and compose their music – the way notes are being transformed into sounds – brings to us all that inner peace we need one way or the other and we search throughout our life via music.

Maybe this is the reason we offered them lavishly our love and respect.

Jason could not have been an exemption from this category aforementioned.

Entering home and opening my PC I brought in front of me all the things I have found over the years for Jason: Biography, Album History, Interviews, Video clips, whatever I have collected through my childhood for musicians like Jason I have admired and still do so. Going through them, I realized that many things about Jason Rebello where already available on the Internet. I begun isolating common questions and wondering what me and the rest of the world would like to get out of Jason – not things we already knew – when some of his words fell into my eyes – words during his period of Buddhism.

“I think this was because I was enjoying a level of success that made me feel increasingly alienated. I wasn’t feeling part of this success. I felt that there was more to life:” he says “I felt I was missing something. That there was something else.”

Source : huffingtonpost.co.uk

Instantly I took out my notebook and begun to formulate the following questions:

1. Anything but Look – Your latest work. What kind of message are you willing to send to your audience?

JR: My message that I would like to convey through the music of Anything But Look, is that I would like to invite the listeners to ponder on the fact that human beings are constantly searching for something better in their lives, and that the suggestion is that we don’t need anything extra, and that we are complete and perfect exactly as we are in this moment.

2. Give me one word that characterizes the following artists:

-Jeff Beck




-Phil Collins




-Pino Palladino


-Manu Katche


-Troy Miller


-Karl Rasheed-Abel


-Paul Stacey


-Jeremy Stacey


-Miles Bould


-Joy Rose


-Jacob Collier


-Xantoné Blacq


-Wil Downing


-Sumudu Jayatilaka


-Alicia Carroll


-Tim Garland


-Last but not least George Rebello


3. Every human being owns his paradise – as the well known actor Morgan Freeman used to say. Can you identify your own paradise?

JR: To me, being alive is living in paradise and yet painful all at once..The whole of life is really a kind of paradise, with all the pain and pleasure it has.
We tend to associated the word paradise with pleasure, but to me they are two different things. To me, paradise means freedom from the prison of pleasure and pain, right and wrong, good and bad….

4. Are there any artists you would like to co-operate with? Are you intentionally trying to do so or you strongly believe that “que sera sera”……….?

JR: No, I have always trusted life to guide me in the right direction..I have worked with many excellent musicians and if I died tomorrow, I would feel more than satisfied with the opportunities I have had. It would be greedy of me to ask for more!

5. You are teaching in a lot of musical colleges including the Guildhall School of Music and Bath Spa University. What is the benefit of all this procedure in your inner soul and how important is for Jason himself the continuous pursuit of music with future young talented musicians?

JR: I very much enjoy teaching and have been helped a lot on my journey, and I feel it is the least I can do to share my knowledge and experience wherever possible..
The main benefit of teaching is that it can be very rewarding, and enjoyable to be part of someone’s musical journey.

6. Which human being – not necessarily musician do you admire and for what reason?

JR: There are many I admire, some who are not famous and some who are well known..I couldn’t really pick out one.

7. Do you believe that an artist should somehow “loose” and “re-find” himself so as to really know whether he truly loves what he is doing every day in his life? Have you ever been through that process?

JR: There is no self to find or lose! Without the false belief in a self, there is a love for the whole of life, not just little sections of it. The worry about whether one is in the right job, or right relationship or right anything relies completely on the belief in a ‘self’. Without that belief, there is no more concern about ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ in this context..The artist is free to express his music when he or she is no longer concerned with the results. When there is no agenda, the music can speak for itself.

8. Born on the 29th of March 1969, going through your 45th year of your age. Looking back into your life, who do you think played the vital part in Jason Rebello becoming today a well known, talented and respected artist?

JR: There is no part more important than any other. Just like a plant needs sun, water, nutriment to grow successfully, a successful career needs dedication, help from others, and an ability to move people in some way with the music. Without any of these ingredients, the career cannot blossom.


Jason Rebello is the result when a talent is being combined with a wonderful human being.

Agr8song thanks JR for his inspiration through his life and his music!

Latest album from Jason JR “Held” Release Date: 29th April 2016

Jason’s “Anything But Look” album  is ready to be purchased from


Preview “Anything But Look”

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