Jorge Ben | Oba, La Vem Ela

beautiful as it is

from the album

Favourites: From Samba Esquema Novo 1963 To Africa Brasil 1976

Released: 1970
℗ 1970 Universal Music Ltda

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  1. Jenny minds says:

    Love this one

  2. Howard fings says:

    It’s fun listening your playlist thanks.

  3. Gindy howler says:

    Thanks for the songs.

  4. taria greg says:

    love this was a perfect one!!!

  5. yoann sherick says:

    happy one!!!
    love your playlist

  6. veronica brand says:

    you have nice songs here guys!!!!
    please go on!!1
    love the music

  7. brenda walles says:

    love your songs!!!!

  8. maria espantoso says:

    so beautiful!!!!!

  9. jenny olert says:

    thanks for today’s gr8song

  10. nelly krown says:

    awaysome!!!have a nice day everyone!!!
    thanks Agr8song Team for everyday posts

  11. Jovi says:

    Hey guys! Your playlist is incredible!
    Thank you for the great music…!

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