Mel Torme | Comin’ Home Baby

beautiful as it is

from the album

Comin Home Baby & Other Hits

Released: 1962
℗ 2012 Mach60 Music

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  1. diana minder says:

    you post beautiful songs…thanks
    listening all day
    and waiting for your next post!!!

  2. Shara voucher says:

    Feels gr8 listening your Posts. Thanks. Keep going.

  3. Brenda kolin says:

    Mel torme is one of the greatest artist from my point of view. Thanks for the post.

  4. Victoria brand says:

    Beautiful songs here Thank you

  5. Tanya martyrs says:

    Thanks beautiful song Thanks

  6. helen jordie says:

    thanks for the song….keep going!!!

  7. jane york says:

    beautiful playlist!!!!
    well posted!!!

  8. martin grand says:

    nice song guys!!!
    thumps up!!!

  9. diana hiouston says:

    you guys post excellent songs….don’t stop…. 🙂

  10. norman coyld says:

    today’s song really cool!!!thank you

  11. kaly shedraw says:

    thanks for this!!!!gr8

  12. tony fread says:

    excellent one!!!

  13. fay grey says:

    thanks beautiful as always

  14. laura fonter says:

    thanks u made my day!!!

  15. Jovi says:

    Your playlist is superb and I am very pleased to find out that there are still people to hear gr8songs…!
    Thank you!

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