Gorillaz | On Melancholy Hill

beautiful as it is

from the album

Plastic Beach

Released: Mar 05, 2010
℗ 2010 The copyright in this sound recording is owned by EMI Records Ltd

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9 Responses to Gorillaz | On Melancholy Hill

  1. jack norton says:


  2. brian holler says:

    beautiful song indeed!!!

  3. matilda jusher says:

    it’s one of my favorites..thanks for the other posts!!

  4. james & kathrin says:

    perfect song…thank you

  5. simon ballrey says:

    perfect!!!just perfect

  6. maria saterlo says:

    thanks for remind us beautiful music!!!!

  7. anna helson says:

    beautiful gorillaz

  8. jennifer hiouston says:

    Love It!!!!!

  9. martin grand says:

    yes excellent!!!!

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