Elvis Presley | That’s All Right

beautiful as it is

from the album

Viva Elvis

Released: Nov 05, 2010
℗ 2010 Sony Music Entertainment/The Cirque EPE Partnership

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12 Responses to Elvis Presley | That’s All Right

  1. christina sanders says:

    perfect playlist!!!
    keep posting!!!

  2. kate harts says:

    it is so beautiful guys thank you
    keep posting beautiful songs

  3. John Mitchell says:

    This is a great one thank you

  4. nicky sands says:

    Thanks for this one

  5. marlin hiwbert says:

    Love today’s post. Thanks

  6. klark holmes says:

    thanks for the beautiful songs…
    thanks for the newsletter….it’s gr8
    keep up…love you

  7. jane shark says:

    so beautiful song!!!!
    just perfect playlist guys!!!

  8. alan forman says:

    Yes The King

  9. helen shiler says:

    this is gr8 gr8 gr8
    thank you
    made my day!!!

  10. natalie drain says:

    perfect….just perfect for today’s gr8song!!!!!

  11. maria venice says:

    beautiful one makes me happy guys!!!

  12. michael grace says:

    awaysome Elvis!!!!

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